Friday, May 21, 2010

a poem from her to him

One windy night.
Full of unexpected things.
A love comes through the wind.
And ask for a secret love from me.
Who am I to him?
He said, he loves me. He cares about me.
He wants me. He wishes to be my hero.
Oh god! Is this the person that you prepared for me?
A boy that have his own heart with his own feeling about me?

Now, let me try to place you in my heart.
As deep as ocean, as clean as the water, as wide as the sky.
I try my best to fulfill your love, what you are desire of.
Although I know that I can’t.
He does love me, and he makes me love him too.
He never asks me to return back his love.
Only he said, “Be honest to yourself.”
The one who will accept whatever decision of mine.

He is willing to wait me till whatever limits time that I give.
He just said yes, even though it is wrong, sometimes.
He always said I’m pretty much although I’m not that pretty.
He is willing to sacrifice anything just because of me.
He asked me:
“Can you be my lover although it is just in my heart?”
Can you guys see how much he loves me so?
I do see it.

And now………
I’m so proud to call you my boy.

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